The Department of Biological Science ad Environmental Biology (formerly known as the Department of Biology and hereinafter referred to as “the Department”) belongs to the College of Life Science and has been established for 30 years.  

  The department features two fields, including biological science and environmental biology. Hence, the department spares no efforts in training skilled persons in interdisciplinary fields from molecular biology to macro evolutionary ecology based on professional instructions of interdisciplinary fields, the medical resources of medical university, and the specific human geography.

  With regards to faculty, the department offers full-time, appointed and part-time foreign faculty to substantially improve courses instructed in English. Apart from the positive involvement in the team operation of the university research center, the department also participates in various research programs commissioned by the government and establishes the university's social responsibility of Namasia. Hence, the department will continue to integrate the energy of the research team by expanding the base of international research and providing the foundation for faculty and students to international links.  

  With regards to course study, the department also designs the biodiversity program and micro program, apart from the complete credit program. The department encourages undergraduate freshmen to discover their interests in the laboratory, which results in considerable success with the execution of the Five-Year BA-MA program. With regards to study counseling, the department assigns three full-time faculty as mentors for each class. Meanwhile, counseling care for academic work and life is enhanced through the peer laboratory study and senior system. The department also provides counseling on the biology camps and holds biology Olympics and various activities as entertainment for faculty and students, apart from allocating funds for strengthening the student association system. With regards to the master's program, the department accepts admission of international students and hence most of the courses are instructed in English. Apart from the advisors, the department directors also act as a mentor to provide help and counseling. To help students with employment, the department not only conducts a survey on the status of alumni each year but also offers career planning for juniors, where information on openings for employment is provided. Moreover, the Facebook page established by students is closely linked with the alumni association while the department also employs faculty from the industries that provide employment counseling for students of the department.





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