Assistant Professor Fu Yaw-Syan
PhD, National Sun Yat-sen University, R.O.C.
Courses Offered:
General biology, lab of general biology, histology, lab of histology, comparative anatomy, lab of comparative anatomy, microscopic technique, lab of microscopictechnique
Anatomy, histology, neuroscience
Academic Interests:
The age effects on optic nerve morphology
The mechanisms and phyological effects of neurogenic inflammation
The studies of forensic entomology
The development teaching materials for morphological e-learning
The forensic entomology study of south Taiwan
The development of teaching material for human cross section
The ecological study on food-chain in the Sitsao wetlands of southern Taiwan
The development of teaching material for histology (92-2516-S-168-002-)
The development of teaching material for human anatomy ( 91-2516-S-037-001-)
Papers :

  1. Her W-Y, Y-S Fu, T-S Liu and K-M Liu (2000). Morphological study of cultured cardiac ganglionic neurons from different postnatal stages of rats. Autonomic Neurosci 84: 89-97. (SCI. NSC87-2314-B037-076.)
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Book :

  1. 謝寶森、傅耀賢、陳泳志、吳思毅 (1998) 台南市四草野生動物保護區食物網之研究報告。台南市,台南市政府。
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Conference papers :

  1. Her W-Y, T-S Liu, Y-S Fu, K-M Liu (1998) Study of cardiac ganglia in SD rats.Experimental Biology Meeting, U.S.A.謝寶森、陳泳志、傅耀賢、梁世雄 (1999) 四草地區水鳥覓食活動與環境因子關係之線性模式。動物行為暨生態研討會。台南市,成功大學。 
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