Professor Hans-Uwe Dahms ["Dr. Hans"]

Tel:886-7-3121101 ext 2695

D. Sc. University Oldenburg (1988-1997)
Ph. D. University Oldenburg (1985-1988)
M. Sc. University Oldenburg (1983-1985)
Position held
(2009/9-2014/2) Professor, Sangmyung University, Seoul, Korea  
(2008/10-2009/8) Research Professor, HY University , Seoul, Korea 
(2006/5-2008/9) Visiting Scholar, NTOU, Keelung, Taiwan 
(2002/11-2006/4) Visiting Scholar, HKUST, Hong Kong 
(1997-2001) Hochschuloberassistent, FB Biologie, University 
(1993-1997) Hochschulassistent, FB Biologie, University
(1991-1993) Postdoctor Fellow Award (NSERC), University of Waterloo-Ontaro, Canada
(1988-1991) Research Scientist funded by the DFG (Germany National Science Foundation

Courses offered:Lectures, Seminars, English Presentations in Science.

Specialty:Environmental and Public Health, Antibiotic Resistance、Toxicology、Biomarker, System monitoring, Ecotoxicology, Infectious diseases, Food safety、Integrative Approach.



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